Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Today there are more options than ever for replacing missing teeth. One option that many dentists favor is dental implants. For many patients, however, the expense of dental implants may be intimidating. While dental implants can tend to be the most expensive replacement option available, it is important to think of them as an investment in your longterm dental health. Dental implants provide a beautiful, functional result that traditional techniques just can’t match.

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Safe and Secure

Dentures are glued in place with a denture adhesive that can be tricky to get just right. The glue can come loose and your dentures can pinch and rub. The adhesive can also contain zinc; while zinc is an important nutrient, too much can cause health problems including nerve damage. Dental bridges are more permanent, typically secured by a dental crown on each side of the loss. The downside to this method is that two otherwise healthy teeth are damaged to fit the crown.

Dental implants, on the other hand, can be individually placed single teeth or used in groups to permanently place a denture or bridge without affecting surrounding teeth.

Prevent Bone Loss

Changes in bone density and bone loss are amongst the most common problems associated with tooth loss. The roots of the teeth stimulate the jawbone, and without the roots, the bone begins to erode. The metal implant replicates the effect of the natural root. It prevents erosion and stabilizes both the tooth and the jaw for a strong, permanent placement.

Eat What You Like

Dietary restrictions are a common complaint amongst denture users. The nature of the dentures means that patients should avoid crunchy foods or foods that require a lot of chewing. Because dental implants are permanently rooted, you can eat whatever you like. Dental implants should function just like a natural tooth.

Easy Hygiene

Dental implants are made from a color-matched dental resin or porcelain that behaves like your natural tooth material. This means that your implants can be treated the same as your natural teeth – no special care.

Schedule a Consultation

Dental implants aren’t right for everyone, but Dr. Jody Harrison recommends them wherever possible. To schedule a consultation to see if dental implants might be right for you, contact our Asheville, NC office on our website or at (828) 202-1706.