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Periodontal Care in Asheville, NC

Providing advanced, customized periodontal treatment.

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Rebuild Your Beautiful Smile.

Dentist and periodontist, Dr. Jody Harrison, restores and rebuilds smiles in Asheville, NC.

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Meet Our Dental Care Family

Meet Our Dental Care Family

Dr. Harrison received training and over 10 years of experience practicing general and periodontal dental care in the US Air ForceDr. Harrison has advanced training and certification in Periodontics. He offers comprehensive treatment planning and periodontal care,  including soft tissue and bone grafting around natural teeth and implants.

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Advanced Periodontal Services for Complex Concerns

We Answer Your Periodontal Health Questions

What is Periodontal Disease?

Learn about the causes, side effects and treatment options for all stages of gum disease.

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Why visit a Periodontist?

Dr. Jody Harrison is a highly skilled and experienced periodontist serving patients in Asheville, NC.

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Am I a candidate for dental implants?

We provide all types of dental implants under one roof for the most natural way to replace missing teeth.

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Do I need a referral to visit a Periodontist?

Learn more about referrals, insurance and payment options for Dr. Harrison.

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What Can I Do for My Receding Gums?

If you have receding gums, it's easy to think that what's gone is gone. It's true…

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Treating Your Advanced Periodontal Disease

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