Sedation Dentistry Asheville, NC

Sedation Dentistry An Overview

Dental sedation is implemented to help patients feel at ease during their procedure. We offer a complete range of sedation dentistry options for you to choose from. Our team will discuss your needs for dental sedation, review your medical history, and explore your options before recommending the most appropriate sedation method.

For patients with dental anxiety or fear, dental sedation is a great tool to use when visiting the dentist office. Dental sedation helps you feel relaxed, comfortable, and at ease during your treatment, enabling you to receive the care you need without feeling stressed or anxious.

Patients can also enjoy these key benefits with sedation dentistry:

  • Ideal for patients who have difficulty getting or staying numb
  • Helps patients with intense tooth sensitivity receive the care they need
  • Great for patients with a strong gag reflex
  • Keeps patients comfortable and relaxed throughout their procedure
  • Helps reduce fear and anxiety

Periodontist Dr. Jody Harrison has advanced training in sedation dentistry and works with patients on an individual basis to choose the right sedation method for their needs.

We use advanced techniques and state of the art technology to help our patients achieve optimal and oral health. Your comfort and safety are important to our team, so we take all the proper steps to ensure your overall experience is a positive one. Whether you are undergoing periodontal therapy or dental implant surgery, we can provide the best sedation for your dental needs


Sedation Dentistry What to Expect

Dental sedation is used in our in-office procedure to help facilitate a more comfortable experience for our patients. After a full examination, Dr. Harrison will recommend the best form of sedation for you. You will be given a local anesthetic after the chosen dental sedation method is administered  He may recommend one or more of the following methods as your form of dental sedation:

Nitrous Oxide

This form of sedation is sometimes referred to as laughing gas and is often considered the most common form of sedation. Nitrous oxide is typically administered through a small mask that is placed over the nose. Once the gas is administered, it takes effect immediately. After the mask is removed, the effects of the mask quickly diminish. This type of sedation allows patients to remain comfortable and relaxed, as well as have complete control over their motor functions.

Oral Conscious Sedation

This kind of sedation is administered as a pill. The pill is taken prior to treatment because it may take up to an hour to take full effect. Patients should coordinate a ride to and from our office because patients are not allowed to drive if oral conscious sedation is administered. Under oral conscious sedation, most patients report feeling sleepy and relaxed during their procedure.

IV Sedation

Also known as intravenous sedation, IV sedation is administered through an intravenous catheter. IV sedation is administered in a safe and controlled environment to ensure maximum patient comfort. This form of sedation can be adjusted throughout the duration of the treatment. This type of sedation is designed for patients undergoing extensive treatment, or patients with immense dental fear or anxiety.

Under IV sedation, patients will enter a relaxed, sleep like state but fully able to respond to verbal commands.  Patients should not operate or drive a vehicle after receiving IV sedation. Be sure to coordinate a ride to and from our Asheville, NC dentist office.