Asheville NC Periodontist Office Technology

Our Asheville periodontist office incorporates modern technology into our practice to give our patients more accurate and effective results. With the aid of advanced dental technology, we can plan and execute a more precise treatment that is uniquely tailored to meet all of your dental needs.


Digital X-rays are a faster, less invasive way for dentists to produce images needed to asses a patient’s dental health.  Digital x-rays generate high-resolution pictures that are instantly visible on our computer system and can be kept in your digital dental records or sharing with other dental professionals. Using digital technology, your dentist can expand, magnify, and view your x-rays without re-exposing you to more radiation.


3-D imaging produces high-resolution images of the soft and hard tissue in the mouth, including the teeth, jaw bone, muscles, nerves, and gums. This revolutionary technology is more precise, more accurate, and more efficient than traditional 2-D imaging methods.

3-D imaging can assist in the treatment planning and execution phases of dental implants and restorative treatments. 3-D imaging reduces the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to during their appointment, making it the ideal solution for patients of all ages. The use of 3-D imaging technology often creates a more convenient and positive dental visit for patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) In Periodontal Therapy

The main goal of periodontal therapy is to improve gum health and meet the functional and aesthetic needs of patients. Platelet concentrates for periodontal surgery use are now a popular tool for regenerative medicine. Platelet Rich Plasma is a natural source of growth factors that can be used to support bone and soft tissue healing and encourage an accelerated healing process.

  • Bone Grafting For Implants – This includes sinus lifts, ridge augmentation, and traditional bone grafting.
  • Help repair the fistulas between the sinus cavity and the mouth