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Sinus Lift Surgery An Overview

The success of the dental implant procedure directly correlates with the condition of the bone that the implants are placed into. When the upper teeth are removed, it may sometimes leave a thin wall of bone separating the sinus from the mouth. In order for the dental implant to fuse with the jaw bone, it needs an adequate amount of healthy bone structure. To give you the best chance at a successful dental implant process, we may recommend sinus lift surgery.

Sinus lift surgery is ideal for patients who:

  • Have lost one or more teeth in their upper jaw
  • Have lost bone due to periodontal disease
  • Have experienced a loss of bone density due to missing teeth
  • Do not have an adequate amount of space between the maxillary sinus and the upper jaw bone

For patients with bone loss, the sinus lift surgery can help counterbalance the effects of bone loss by raising the sinus floor and stabilizing the bone for the placement of dental implants. This is an important step in the restoration of a smile that is stable and secure when using implants to replace lost teeth.

Sinus Lift Surgery What to Expect

Depending on your specific case, Dr. Harrison may need to take an x-ray and CT scan before your procedure to examine the jaw, sinuses, and surrounding structures. To ensure our patients are comfortable during all aspects of their care, we offer a full range of sedation dentistry options, including IV sedation.

Prior to surgery, a bone will need to be extracted from your own body to use for your procedure. The surgeon usually removes the bone from your hip or tibia.

Once the bone graft is received, Dr. Harrison will make a cut in the gum tissue to expose the bone.  The membrane that separates the sinuses from the jaw is gently pushed away from the jaw. The bone grafts material is placed, the gum tissue is sutured into place, which then creates a more stable foundation for a dental implant to be placed.

In some cases, implants can be placed directly after the sinus lift surgery; However, in most cases, patients will need to undergo several months of healing before the implant can be placed.

Be sure to follow your aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing. We will work with you to coordinate further treatment after your gum lift surgery.

Dr. Jody Harrison, DDS, MS

Why choose Jody S. Harrison, DDS, MS?

Dr. Jody Harrison is a highly trained and experienced periodontist, offering comprehensive care for your oral health needs. We offer periodontal services, cosmetic gum treatments, dental implants and a range of periodontal surgical procedures to address complex dental health concerns.

Known for his kind, caring and friendly chairside manner, Dr. Harrison provides personalized care. Our Asheville dental practice uses advanced technology, including 3-D digital scanning to evaluate, plan and deliver care that is designed to meet your unique needs and goals. We offer treatment for all stages of gum disease, missing teeth and cosmetic concerns related to gum recession or a gummy smile.