Missing Tooth: Replace It With A Dental Implant

dental implants

What is the best solution for replacing a missing tooth?

Replace a missing tooth with a dental implant.

We all know a missing tooth can affect your confidence and can even affect how others view you. But did you know that a missing tooth can lead to severe dental complications? While many patients are concerned with the aesthetics of missing a tooth, most periodontists are worried about the effects it can have on your remaining teeth and jaw bone.

Just one missing tooth can lead to complications like infection, shifting teeth, jaw bone deterioration, and it may even but you ar risk for future tooth loss. Addressing your missing tooth is not only important for aesthetic reasons but also your dental health.  A single tooth dental implant is one of the most natural looking and long-lasting solutions for tooth loss.

A well placed dental implant offers several advantages over other traditional forms of tooth replacement solutions. This replacement option is designed to replace the natural tooth root as well as the visible portion of the tooth. A dental implant is the only solution that can prevent further bone loss in the jaw. Patients choose dental implants for their convenience, comfort, and durability.

As an experienced and trusted periodontist in Asheville, NC, Dr. Jody Harrison offers full-service dental implants to patients who are missing one or more teeth. Dr. Harrison will perform a full dental evaluation to assess your dental needs and cosmetic goals to determine if a single tooth dental implant is right for you.

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